"Southern Freeez" is the second single from British dance music group Freeez. It was released on the debut album of the same name.


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Song information[edit]Edit

Freeez gained higher sales with this record than with the previous single, "Keep In Touch". "Southern Freeez" reached the top 10[2] of the UK national charts during February 1981[3] ("Keep In Touch" only reached number #49 in UK[4]).

Special musical guest Ingrid Mansfield Allman provided vocals on the record.[citation needed]

The titular Southern Freeez is attested to derive from a dance move, "The Freeze," used by clubbers in the "Royalty" club, Southgate in the early 1980s. A then-popular track, The Groove by Rodney Franklin, has moments where the band drops out for a bar, and a style of freezing movement at these points took hold.[5]


"Southern Freeez (Remix)"
Single by Freeez
Released September 1987
Format 7"12"CD
Genre HouseSynth-popSoul
Label Total Control(UK)

Warner Bros. Records/FMR(Worldwide)

Writer(s) Andy Stennett, John Rocca, Peter Maas
Freeez singles chronology
"I.O.U. (remix)"

(January, 1987)

"Southern Freeez (remix)"

(September 1987)

In August/September, 1987, the song was remixed and re-released by the label Total Control. The remix reached number #23 in the British singles chart

Cover Versions[edit]Edit

UK Soul Singer Beverley Knight covered 'Southern Freeez' for her 2011 album 'Soul UK.'[6]

Track listing[edit]Edit

UK single (1981 version)[edit]Edit

  1. "Southern Freeez" - 5:40
  2. "Southern Freeez (LP Version)"

UK single (1987 version)[edit]Edit

  1. "Southern Freeez (Dance Mix)"
  2. "Southern Freeez (Avenger Mix)"
  3. "Southern Freeez (7" Edit)"



Chart Peak


UK Singles[7] #8


Chart Peak


UK Singles[8] #63




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