First Light was an English funk project of Paul Hardcastle.

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History[edit] Edit

At the end of 1982, Paul Hardcastle and Derek Green founded the band First Light. They released 4 singles and two albums. Although they worked only for a year together, their most known work was "Explain the Reasons".

After their 2nd and last album, Hardcastle and Green had a big conflict about the money, but they also had no more musical material for future releases. As a result, Green moved to other projects and Hardcastle pursued a solo career.

In 1989, Hardcastle resumed working on First Light. He wrote for and produced the project on his own. Kevin Henry was the featuring vocalist and together they released 4 singles.

Discography[edit] Edit

Albums[edit] Edit

  • 1983: First Light
  • 1984: Daybreak
  • 1989: You Had It All

Singles[edit] Edit

  • 1982: "Don't Be Mistaken" / "A Horse With No Name"
  • 1982: "16 Minutes of 1st Light"
  • 1983: "17 Minutes of First Light"
  • 1983: "18 Minutes of First Light: Explain the Reasons"
  • 1984: "Wish You Were Here"
  • 1989: "Loving You"
  • 1989: "You Had It All"
  • 1990: "So Easy"
  • 1990: "Right or Wrong"
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