Jazz music

Jazz is a musical genre born in the late 19th century in the United States, which expanded globally throughout the 20th century. The musical identity of jazz is complex and cannot be easily delimited. First of all, although the term is often used to refer to a musical language (as it is done, for example, when talking about classical music), jazz is actually a family of musical genres that have common basic characteristics, but it does not individually represent the complexity of gender as a whole; second, its various social functions (jazz can serve as background music for gatherings or as dance music, but certain types of jazz require careful and focused listening) a different angle of study; and third, the racial theme has always generated a deep debate about jazz, shaping its reception by the public. Although jazz is a product of African American culture, it has always been open to influences from other musical traditions, varying with the mix of cultures, and since the 1920s it has been performed by musicians from different parts of the world with a very different Sometimes the work of most commercially successful musicians has been shown as a paradigm of jazz, note 1 that fans and critics have considered by-products far from tradition, understanding on the contrary, that jazz is a form of black music, in which African Americans have been its greatest innovators and its most notable representatives

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